Intelligent Robotics, Inc.
Driven by Data

From driving cars to flying planes, we leverage the power
of  Data  to  expand  the  frontiers  of  human  enterprise


We have extensive software proficiency in algorithmic design and development, graphics, vision, communications, processing massive datasets, and designing private clouds.


We focus on design, development and deployment of hardware systems for advanced technological problems especially in the areas of robotics and autonomous systems.


We aim to disseminate the knowledge gained through our scientific research. To that end we conduct workshops with the aim of expanding the knowledge horizon of the community. For more information.

Recent Projects

No GPS: No Problem

No GPS: No Problem

Our system uses cheap software defined radio and vision to tell where you are, when GPS is lost.

SDR Systems

SDR Systems

We are working on a communication platform for unmanned aerial systems using SDRs.

Book Launch: Python Application Programming

Books on programming are usually verbose. This book is a non-traditional approach to learning Python efficiently. In this book, the authors have struck a balance between verbosity and pace of learning.


Vision Systems

In this project we made a direction finding system more robust by using computer vision and machine learning